How To | Shop Tomorrows

It's gift-giving season // Get $15 in tokens when you list your first item!  


Trade up yesterday's outgrown clothes for tomorrow's wardrobe that fits! By using your no-longer-needed clothes as currency for your next purchases, you maintain 100% of the resale value and never have to exchange cash between buyer and seller. So stop wasting money on retail and losing it on resale. Start trading the Tomorrows way, today!

1. Browse our goods: Closet-hop our network. Search by size, seller, brand, or zip code. Filter by friends, or shop all.

2. Click your picks: Bag what you want, then check-in with the seller with questions or just head for the check-out.

3. Seal the deal: Pay with tokens you’ve earned or bought. There’s also a $4.99 fee per transaction, which is a great reason to buy more than one item.

4. Get your goods: Receive your goods by mail. Or meet up with the seller and skip the $7 fixed shipping cost.

1. List your items: Simply register, upload photos of your goods (remembering that ‘styling sells’) and set your tokens price (1 token = $1).

2. Watch your inbox: Keep an eye out for alerts. You’ll receive notifications by email when you make a sale, or someone wants to know more.

3. Share the goods: Mail the goods to a good home using a pre paid label. Or meet up locally and help your buyer skip the shipping cost.

4. Spend your Tokens: Give your buyer a great review, then spend your newly earned tokens on some awesome kidswear.


Did you know...?


The average amount of clothing we donate to thrift stores that are sold. The rest is exported overseas.


The carbon, waste, and water footprint saved by buying one item secondhand instead of new.

280 lbs.

The average amount of textile waste a family in the US generates per year.


The number of years you extend the life of a garment by buying it secondhand.


The number of garments a kid outgrows by their 4th birthday.