Shop Tomorrows

Our back-to-school gift to you: A $40 credit on us!


How It Works

Buying and selling on Shop Tomorrows is easy.

Buy, wear, sell, repeat. Use cash or your Tokens credits earned from sales to buy next season's wardrobe. With us, your outgrown kids' clothes become the currency you use to buy the next round of clothing for your kids. No more losing money selling to consignment stores, or spending it on pricey retail only to have your kids' outgrow it in one season. Instead, you earn Tokens, like site credit, for each item you sell. Use those Tomorrows' Tokens to buy other things on the site that fit and that you love, and only pay a flat $4.99 fee to use the site. That's it.





  • Can I buy tokens?

    Yes! Click here to buy tokens in discounted packages.

  • Can I earn tokens without buying them?

    Yes! You can earn tokens just by signing up, referring friends, and through other activities.
    See the My Rewards section to start racking up tokens.

  • Can I buy an item in dollars?

    No, but you can buy tokens here at a discount. Use those tokens to buy your items. Or go to My Rewards to earn tokens through referring friends and other activities.

  • What is 1 Token worth?

    1 Point equals $1. So if an item is for sale for 10 tokens, that is the same as selling it for $10.

  • How do I add a size that I don't see available?

    Write it in your Title, Description and Tags. And if you have a minute, shoot us a note at and we will add it in!

  • Is there a refund if an item isn’t right?

    Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.

  • When delivering or picking up items, is there anything I should keep in mind?

    In the event the item or items are being delivered in person, Shop Tomorrows recommends arranging your meeting in a public, well-lit location that you trust. 

  • Can I edit my item?

    Yes, under My Items click on the “edit” button. Note that information in the drop-downs will not be saved.

  • What if my brand is not listed? 

    In the drop-down menu select “Other” and be sure to add the brand name to your Title, Description and Tags. And if you have a minute, shoot us a note at and we will add it in!

  • What do the 2nd and 3rd icons mean next to someone's name?

    Think of this like a LinkedIn feature, where we let you know when you're connected to someone through the site either directly, or through friends.

  • How do you determine the condition of an item?

Please see User Guidelines for a complete reference on this.

  • Can I cash out my Tokens?

To encourage a circular economy and a "give-to-get" mentality, you may only use your Tokens within our community :)