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How are tokens used?

We use tokens so that you can get the greatest value out of your sale. Using tokens creates a one-for-one exchange where you are getting the full value of your item. For example, on Shop Tomorrows, you can sell an outgrown vest and get a new one in return with the tokens you made from that sale. Compare that to a consignment store or site in which you would get just a few dollars back - not enough to buy you another vest that fits, let alone coffee! Using tokens allows you to maintain the entire value of your sale rather than lose the majority of it to the website or store’s steep commissions, typical of those other guys.

And how many Tomorrows Tokens should I post my item for?

$1 Tomorrows Token = $1, so list your item for the amount you’d want to make in dollars. For example, if you were to sell a vest and wanted $30 for it, sell it for 30 tokens. We also help you determine how much to price something for when you’re listing an item. As you enter the price, you’ll see a window in which Shop Tomorrows suggests the percentage of the retail price that you should list for based on Brand, Condition and Category type. 

When do I get my tokens for a shipped order?

When the order is marked as received by the buyer, the tokens will be credited to your wallet. 

Why haven’t my tokens appeared yet? How many days before they will appear?

When the order is marked as received by the buyer, the tokens will be credited to your wallet. For a meetup order, the system will automatically mark the order as delivered/completed after 2 days of the placed order. For a shipped order, the system will automatically mark the order as delivered/completed after 7 days of the placed order.

How do I receive tokens?

You can receive tokens by earning them or buying them. You can earn tokens through selling items; by activities like registering, completing your profile and inviting your friends. You can buy tokens for $1 a token, or at discounted prices through this easy link here

Can I buy tokens?

Yes! You can buy tokens for $1 a token, or at discounted prices through this easy link here.

Can I earn tokens without buying them?

Yes! You can earn tokens just by signing up, uploading your profile picture, referring friends, and through other activities. See the My Rewards section to start racking up tokens.

Can I buy an item in dollars?

You may use dollars to buy tokens hereat a discount. Use those tokens to buy your items. Or go to My Rewards to earn tokens through referring friends and other activities.

What is 1 token worth?

1 token equals $1. So if an item is for sale for 10 tokens, that is the same as selling it for $10.

Can I use my tokens to pay for shipping or transaction fees?

Shipping and transaction fees are paid for by credit card. To avoid shipping fees you may select “meet up” if the seller is in your geographic radius, and receive your item without paying shipping charges.

Can I cash out my tokens for dollars?

Tokens act like credit to ShopTomorrows.com. Just like in a traditional e-commerce experience in which credits can only be redeemed for merchandise on the website, tokens can not be redeemed for cash.

How do I earn tokens without selling items?

You can earn tokens in these fun ways. Depending on the day and the promotion Shop Tomorrows is running at the time, you can earn between $5-$40 in tokens on each of the following activities:

  1. Registering and completing your profile with a photo earns you bonus tokens
  2. Inviting friends to join throughthis link
  3. Listing your first item
  4. Following your first closet

When does the user get tokens for a meetup order?

When the order is marked as received by the buyer, the tokens will be credited to your wallet. 

What are the fees for buying on Shop Tomorrows?

There is a $4.99 flat fee per transaction, no matter what you are buying or how many items you are buying from a single seller. This is charged at checkout. So stock up and buy as much as you want! If you check out from multiple sellers, you pay the transaction fee each time. 

What if I haven’t received my order yet?

Tracking details can be viewed under your profile under "My Purchases."

How often are new products listed?

New products are uploaded almost every day.

Do you offer discounts and promos? What are the terms and conditions?

Yes, we consistently offer promotions and discounts, which can often be found on this site and through our Instagram @shop_tomorrows. Promos and discounts are valid only for their specified duration of time. Limit one per household. Please be respectful of these limits.

Can I cancel an order?

Orders are processed as soon as you check out. If you need to cancel your order for any reason, please contact info@shoptomorrows.com and we will do our best to contact the seller on your behalf.

What items can I sell?

Please refer to our Guidelines for a full list of items you can sell on Shop Tomorrows.

How can I sell my items faster?

Check out our Seller Guide where we provide the ultimate hacks to help your items sell based on tips and tricks from our community.

Can I sell children's toys, decor, and homewares in my closet?

Shop Tomorrows only accepts infant, toddler, and childrens clothing, shoes, and accessories. Baby gear is allowed as long as it consists of one piece.

How do I add a size or brand that I don't see available?

Write it in your Title, Description and Tags. And if you have a minute, shoot us a note at support@shoptomorrows.com and we will add it in!

What if my brand is not listed?

In the drop-down menu select “Other” and be sure to add the brand name to your Title, Description and Tags. And if you have a minute, shoot us a note at info@shoptomorrows.com and we will add it in!

Can I edit my item?

Yes, under My Items click on the “edit” button.

How do you determine the condition of an item?

Please see the Guidelines page for a complete reference on this.

How do you know if your item has sold?

You'll get an email to the email address that you used when you signed up for your account notifying you that an item has sold, and instructions on next steps. 

Why does ST ask for my zip code?

The 5miles marketplace is geared specifically toward facilitating transactions between sellers and interested buyers who are within proximity to those sellers. For example, we use your location info to determine that you are in San Francisco so that we can prioritize and deliver listings from San Francisco or places nearby to you. As such, the collection of users’ location information is absolutely essential to providing you with the best and most useful marketplace experience we can.

How do I ship my item?

  1. Sign in, and go to your ALERTS (the bell on the top right of your screen)
  2. There you'll see the order information. Go to PRINT LABEL, and your label will print.
  3. Just attach that label to any small box or envelope, drop off at USPS, and done!

How much does shipping cost?

The buyer pays $7 flat fee for shipping per transaction. This is charged at checkout. So stock up and buy as much as you want! Whether a seller is shipping 1 item or 6, the fee is still $7 in total per transaction. If you check out from multiple sellers, you pay the shipping fee each time. 

Is it free to hold an account?


How do I make my profile available for shipping?

You can choose to meet up or ship items. To make your profile available for shipping: go to your profile, click on the blue pencil button, scroll down to “what are your seller preferences?” and indicate that you are willing to ship items.

Is there a refund if an item isn’t right?

Please refer to our Return Policy for more information.

Returns and Exchanges Policy

At Shop Tomorrows, it is important that you are 100% satisfied with your experience in our community. Please note, all Shop Tomorrows' orders are final sale except in the situations below, in which case we will look to make the situation right by refunding your Tokens if necessary. Items are never returned to the seller. We encourage you to pass the item forward to an individual or to donate responsibly to a local organization. Please read here for our suggested list of charitable organizations that accept clothing.

A member in good standing is eligible for a Tokens' refund upon review if he or she has experienced any of the following complications:

  1. Did not receive item
  2. Received incorrect item
  3. Item is in poor condition
  4. Members on either side of transaction were unresponsive to communication

How do I close my account?

Please email us at info@shoptomorrows.com

How do I edit my profile?

Click on “My Closet” in the top right corner and then click on the pencil icon next to your name and profile picture. You will find your profile settings there.

Can I remove an item after I posted it?

Sign in to your account, click on the item you would like to remove and then click “delete.”

Will I get a notification if there is a new list on a Closet that I follow?

Yes! So be sure to follow closets that have clothes in the sizes, brands and styles you love! Plus, you’ll earn tokens when you make your first closet connection.

What do “1st, 2nd 3rd

Think of this like a LinkedIn feature, where we let you know when you're connected to someone through the site either directly, or through friends. Cool, right?

Our community is everything.

And we are so glad you've joined our circle. It is important that we all participate in the community with honesty and integrity. This starts with accurately describing the conditions of your items, communicating promptly with other users, and delivering items within the agreed-upon time frame. Items not matching our criteria may be removed at our discretion, as will users not abiding by our community standards. Please report any violations of these terms with us. Users who violate our agreement repeatedly will not be permitted to stay in our community. Our members participate in a safe and easy marketplace that operates under the following guidelines.

All members agree to the following guidelines:

  • Shop Tomorrows reserves the right to accept or deny any postings that do not fit within our criteria. Before an item goes live, it is verified by our team.
  • No cross-listing permitted. Items posted to are only available on and may not be posted on other sites.
  • Only items on our “Accepted Item List” below are permitted.
  • All information about the item must be true and accurate to the best of the member’s knowledge.
  • Photographs may be member’s own or a professional photo. Photographs must be on a clean, clear background in which the products are neatly arranged and clearly visible. 
  • Members must reply to an inquiry within 24 hrs.
  • Members must give items within 7 days, or as mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • Parties must agree on how to receive item: Meet or Ship.
  • Inspect the item upon delivery.
  • Please rate the seller – positive feedback is highly encouraged.
  • Shop Tomorrows reserves the right to remove items listed for more than 90 days.

Accepted Item List:

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories for babies and children sizes newborn through 18.
  • Accessories include hats, gloves, and scarves.
  • For underwear, hosiery and socks, the only condition these items are accepted in is New With Tags.
  • For swimwear, the only conditions these items are accepted in is New With Tags or Like New.
  • Soft items for baby and children such as blankets and swadles, the only condition these items are accepted in is New With Tags.
  • Baby carriers are accepted.

  • We do not accept:

  • Underwear, hosiery, or socks that are not New With Tags.
  • Swimwear that is not New With Tags or Like New.
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Gear, like strollers or car seats. Anything with multiple parts is not permitted on the site.
  • Conditions:

Please read the criteria for condition valuation carefully. It is up to you to accurately assess and notate the condition of your items. All misrepresentations will be noted and reflected in your account’s ratings.

We accept items in these 4 conditions:

  • New With Tags, Like New, Lightly Loved.
  • New Without Tags: New item that has tags/in original packaging.
  • Like New: New without tags, worn maybe 1-2x, no signs of wear.
  • Lightly Loved: Has been worn but is still in great shape. No major pilling, stains, etc.
  • When posting, be sure to include any details about imperfections. Sometimes a garment is perfect except for a little snag, missing button, or bleach blemish. Include details about this flaw in the product listing details and photograph it. And here's the litmus test. Ask yourself: Would I be proud to pass these items forward? If the answer is no, consider alternatives. Remember, clothing is not trash. See Tomorrows for Good for responsible recycle and donation resources to close the loop on passing-it-forward.

Care of Items

For the sake of others' health and safety (and as a general courtesy), always wash your items before delivering them to the buyer. This is the Shop Tomorrows' standard and applies at all times. As a buyer, we always encourage you to clean any item when you receive it. Learn about the guidelines from the CDC on cleaning and disinfecting products.

Additional Protocols

We recommend following the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for how to stay healthy and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while buying and selling. When buying and selling during this time, please follow local guidelines on physical distancing and wearing masks. Be well, stay healthy, and wear an mask :)

When delivering or picking up items, is there anything I should keep in mind?

In the event the item or items are being delivered in person, Shop Tomorrows recommends proceeding with caution. We suggest arranging your meeting in a public, well-lit location with video surveillance. Additionally, if you’re meeting a Buyer or Seller for the first time, we recommend you bring another individual with you to the meeting location, as you will likely be more comfortable interacting with the other party with a familiar individual with you.

Covid-19 Update

Your health and well-being are important to us. Even without Covid-19, we would suggest following safety protocols regarding items purchased from our community or from any other source.

What is Shop Tomorrows?

Shop Tomorrows is the parent-to-parent network for trading up kidswear. You trade your outgrown kidswear for tokens and then start shopping with those tokens. Or you can simply buy tokens and start shopping. Think of us as your epic hand-me-down network, where you can get the things you’ll love in the right size, season, and style from your neighborhood, network or beyond. 

Why wouldn’t I just donate my kids’ outgrown clothes?

Less than 15% of donated clothing ends up being worn. The rest is landfilled or broken down into materials and repurposed into other things, like mattress filler. We encourage donating responsibly and locally to small organizations where you know your donations will be used by families in need.

Why is Shop Tomorrows more beneficial than a local consignment shop?

Consignment stores and sites provide pennies on the dollar payouts for sellers and price their goods too high for buyers.  Shop Tomorrows’ circular economy model provides a value that is 1-for-1 for shoppers AND sellers. That outgrown fleece now trades up for the next size, and money is never lost. You no longer lose 80% of the value to steep commissions. Now, you keep the full value of your sale and trades it up for your next item -- without losing a penny on commissions. In addition, by trading up with us you are part of a community of like-minded savvy parents who value sustainability and style.

How sustainable is it to shop and sell through Shop Tomorrows?

For every kidswear item that you give a second life to by trading it up on Shop Tomorrows, you save approximately 700 gallons of water and 1/3 of a pound of chemicals that go into producing those clothes. 

Have More Questions?

Email us at support@shoptomorrows.com