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About Us

Shop Tomorrows is the ultimate digital hand-me-down network where modern parents give and get quality outgrown kids' clothes. 

 A Note From Our Founder

I started Shop Tomorrows after spending more than a decade as a costume  designer and a stylist in the entertainment industry. There, I saw tons of clothing—and dollars—going to waste every minute. Wondering what I could do to solve this textile waste problem, I began to study—and teach—textile sustainability in universities. Then, when my twins were born, I instantly saw how quickly young children outgrow clothing, and how so many parents have an abundance of clothing in basement bins while others need clothing for their rapidly growing kids. That's when I set out on a mission: to create a single solution to put the abundance of wasted used kid clothes back into the parent-ecosystem, keep it out of landfills, and generate the greatest value for each item. That's when I created Shop Tomorrows, a peer-to-peer marketplace built on the premise that great kids’ clothes shouldn’t cost us—or our kids—the planet. Being a parent is hard enough—add to that being stylish and sustainable too. I hope you'll join me and the Shop Tomorrows team as we keep stylish kids clothes in the community and out of landfills.

xx Haley Lieberman


Haley Lieberman, AKA "The Queen of Hand-Me-Downs," is a born and bred Manhattanite raising her boy-girl twins in Fairfield Country, CT. In her former life, Haley was a costume designer and stylist for stage, screen and print. After working on several operas, dozens of films and commercials and hundreds of fashion shows, it was time to build a company founded on making great clothes accessible to all while preserving our natural resources. As a lifelong thrifter, the idea for Shop Tomorrows was no brainer. So with #twinning #momlife in full gear, Shop Tomorrows was launched. In her free time, Haley enjoys eating and sleeping.

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